The Generosity Code™

Start the ripples of generosity with The Generosity Code™

The Generosity Code is a set of beliefs that, when they are true for you, help your clients say “Yes!” to you.  Get your message out into the world more effectively, serve more clients and increase your prosperity with this powerful system of beliefs.

When you are authentically generous with yourself and others, they are automatically more generous to you.

Do you “over give” to your clients, filling them up with too much information so that they can’t say “Yes!” to you?  Learn how to be authentically generous with yourself, give generously to your clients, and make room and set the stage for your clients to say “Yes!” to you.

Through the Game Changing Belief System™ you can adopt The Generosity Code and have it become true for you quickly, easily and permanently.  This process allows you to choose your beliefs and upgrade the system of beliefs in your subconscious mind.

80% of our current behaviors and actions are driven by the beliefs “encoded” in our subconscious mind by the time we were 8 – 12 years old.  Most of these beliefs were established by influences outside of ourselves, such as our parents, teachers, friends, society and traumatic or emotionally charged events that happened to us or were observed in childhood.

Your subconscious mind is the “operating system” running in the  background of your mind and affects 80% of your actions and behaviours.  The good news is that you can “upgrade” to the beliefs of your choice through this powerful Game Changing Belief System.  Find out more in The Game Changing Belief System section.