On the other side of “Silence”

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Many of you have been asking about what I learned in my 3-days of silence and going “off the grid”.  Well, like most of life’s lessons, I learned what I didn’t expect to learn!

I have done a number of silent retreats in the past – but they were all “lead” by a teacher or guru and I traveled far away.  This one was different – I stayed home and experienced “home” in a whole different way.

Through the silence, I found that there was a whole lot more “chatter” going on in my head than I was aware of.  I do a lot of meditation and am able to still my mind, but it was different being silent all day and not having an “agenda” to follow to keep my mind busy.  I was able to hear inner “conversations” that I had not been privy to before – it was like being a “fly on the wall” and I was able to observe myself in a whole other way.

My surroundings stayed the same and it was me that changed.

Most of these “conversations” were about events from my past that I had either completely forgotten about or did not have much meaning for me – or so I thought…

Through my own belief changing system, I have released the “emotional charge” from most of my “big” past traumatic events – those that I knew were affecting my daily life and holding me back in some way.

But these were different.  They seemed “small” to me – hardly worth bothering with – but yet they were coming up.  Collectively they were affecting me, and I wasn’t even aware of it.

As I started to release them, more and more began to surface.  As if to say “me too” or “I’m still here” or “what about me.”  As I cleared them one by one, I felt lighter and lighter.

Individually these seemingly innocent past incidents didn’t have much of an “emotional charge.”  But collectively, it was huge – like a wave building momentum.  Now I feel much lighter and it seems easier to move forward in my life and my business.  And new opportunities have been coming to me…automatically.

More about that in the next post (^_^)

All the Best – Cynthia

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5 Responses to On the other side of “Silence”

  1. Kimmer Sue says:

    You certainly make your silence sound powerful. I’m looking forward to the continuing story.

  2. It’s so amazing all the voices in our head and how the story doesn’t change until we rewrite the script.

  3. Marina Rose says:

    Sounds like a relief to listen to and let go of some inner parts that wanted attention. Glad to hear you’re feeling lighter :-)

  4. mary botham says:

    The sentance that most interested me was “My surroundings stayed the same and it was me that changed.” I am looking forward to hearing more about that. Why did you pick 3 days and not 5 or 1?

  5. This is very powerful work Cynthia. Thank you for sharing your inner journey.

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