The Game Changing Belief System™

What Would You Do If You KNEW You Would Succeed?

Our beliefs form the foundation of our behaviors and actions. Limiting beliefs hold us back from accomplishing our goals and manifesting our dreams.  Empowering beliefs propel us powerfully forward.

This three-step process starts with identifying any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating what you want.  Then the limiting belief is upgraded and transformed into an empowering or game changing belief that, if it were your new foundational belief, would propel you forward to accomplish your goals.  Finally, the limiting belief is changed quickly, easily, and permanently into a new empowering belief in your subconscious mind through The Game Changing Belief System.

Cynthia Stott is a Reiki master and ThetaHealing® practitioner and she combines these and other energy modalities that utilize “Universal Life Force Energy” to help the body restore itself to a natural state of balance and well being.  In states of fear, nervousness, anxiety, excessive or rapid thinking, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and addiction, the brain waves are elevated to High Beta Brain Waves (20-40 Hertz).  In The Game Changing Belief System process, brain waves slow and relax into Theta Brain Waves (4-7 Hertz).  These brain waves are indicative of a deep state of relaxation and even REM sleep with enhanced emotional connection, advanced intuition, peak levels of creativity, advanced problem solving skills and reduced stress and anxiety.

In addition, bringing the brain waves down to the Theta level produces a connection to the subconscious mind that allows for a reprogramming or realigning of limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, something that is not usually available at the relaxed or meditative state indicative of Alpha Brain Waves (8-12 Hertz).

This process is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease and should not be used in place of medical advice or treatment from a trained and certified physician or other medical professional.  Cynthia Stott is not a medical professional or therapist and this process is used for educational purposes only.