Here’s what people are saying about working with Cynthia:

“I’ve heard it called “the holy grail;” reconstructing the parts of your belief system that no longer/never have benefited you. Of course you could only hand that (your subconscious) over to  someone infinitely trustworthy. Cynthia Stott is that for me.

“I realized that the best way to get the most from Cynthia’s work was to be radically honest with myself.  I’d spent years becoming conscious of and correcting my limiting thought patterns but I had not worked at the right level and that deep level of consciousness and thought generation had proven difficult to access and consequently correct.  I knew I had not mastered my thoughts, still I was a more than little surprised at the level of my “stinkin’ thinking”.  All the “work” I’d done, through the years …stood on such a distorted and dodgy platform. No wonder my life’s manifestations were little to be desired.  With Cynthia asking the right questions, I could see where the holes were in my process of attraction and amend them. Her process is so simple and effortless.

“I signed up for 3 sessions with Cynthia, and after each session with her I feel like the lid containing the design for my life had been removed with regards to money, relationships and work (whatever we worked on in that session). I am now ripe with wonder at what opportunities life has on offer for me.  I was oozing with well-being after my third session with Cynthia.”

~Carolyn W., Agriculture/Green Industries

“After the session, I noticed that I was calmer and less ‘knee jerk’ reactive.”

~Barbara M., Healthcare Industry

“Cynthia is a highly intuitive, talented coach.  She provides insights and observations to help her clients move forward, releasing fear and overcoming obstacles in a single session. I highly recommend Cynthia’s work.”

~Sylvia D., Executive Leadership Development