Plagued by Procrastination?

You know you should get something done – call a potential client, create a “free gift” for an opt-in page or maybe even start your own blog.  But you find yourself checking email, surfing the web or engaged in reading a Facebook post by your friend’s, friend’s friend.

No worries!  Help is on its way!  I will let you in on a little known secret, procrastination usually comes from the fear of failure.  Maybe you’re afraid that there may be some “dire” consequences if it’s not perfect or if you make a mistake.  Lord forbid that you leave out a comma and someone calls you out on Facebook for it!  Or maybe you create a free call, invite all the people on your “list,” create an event in Facebook and send 200 Tweets – and no one comes!  It’s the equivalent of throwing a party – you cook all day, decorate your front walkway with candles in those great little lanterns, develop a killer play list on Pandora – and no one comes!

Fear of failure has prevented many a great product or invention from ever getting to market.

What if you could see “failure” the same way Thomas Edison did?  What if you could see “failure” as just information?  Some say it took Edison 9,999 tries to finally make a working light bulb.  Now, I don’t know about you, after 700 I might have given up.  Not Edison.  He’s quoted as saying, “I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work.”  He saw them only as information.

What if you thought like Edison and didn’t see failure as “failure” but only as information?  What if you believed even your “failures” missteps and mistakes as only leading to your greater success?

Would you procrastinate less and try more?  What if Edison procrastinated or gave up?  We might not have the light bulb, which would mean we wouldn’t have computers and you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

4 Responses to Plagued by Procrastination?

  1. Kimmer Sue says:

    I have suffered from severe procrastination most of my life. But I have recently accepted (learning is not the correct term here) that in order to grow in life you have to make mistakes and accept failure. We don’t grow from successes. So bring on the mistakes!!!

  2. Marina Rose says:

    Thanks Cynthia, for reminding us that there are no failures, there’s just information.

  3. luckily for me…I’m a lot like Edison…I just keep showing up and tweaking things…or rewriting…or editing…whatever helps you understand that I’m determined to succeed despite that enormous Fear of Failure hanging around!

  4. I have learned so much from my mistakes. And, yet there are some things I still procrastinate about. I will look at this to see if it is fear of failure and if this failure is better than not getting started. Does that make sense? Maybe I am just procrastinating some more so I don’t have to do my work. Thanks for the tips!

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