Inner Changes and Outer Results

Inner Changes

In the previous post, I shared some of the inner work that I did during a silent “retreat” and hinted about some new opportunities that quickly followed.

I released some of the inner “chatter” that I finally heard during my silence, and the next thing I knew, I was presented with new business opportunities – totally unexpected and automatic.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this serendipity.  I “know” that the fastest route to outer changes is through inner changes.  But somehow I am still surprised and amazed when these changes show up without me having to take some specific “action.”  They just seem to come automatically.  As if I’m an outfielder on a baseball field where I’m being served one “fly ball” after another that I can easily catch.  Or like I’m handed a shallow tub with lots of fish in it – all I need to do is reach in and grab one!

Simple, easy, automatic.

After my silence, I received two unexpected phone calls – each one leading to an amazing “joint venture” opportunity. Both of which I hadn’t even considered before – they just landed in my lap.  No coming up with the plan, making the calls and “convincing” them to partner with me.  They called me, instead of me calling them.

By letting go of the past, we are better able to open to our future…easily, quickly and automatically.

Stay tuned for more lessons learned in silence…see you in the next post (^_^)

All the Best – Cynthia

5 Responses to Inner Changes and Outer Results

  1. Kimmer Sue says:

    Wonderful that you’ve made room in your life for the positives by releasing the chatter! I look forward to the next post.

  2. Wow…that sounds like a new mantra…simple…easy…automatic! Love it!

  3. mary botham says:

    “I “know” that the fastest route to outer changes is through inner changes.” So true and my experience of working with you last month!

  4. Marina Rose says:

    A good reminder to tend to inner work first.Congrats on the new ventures!

  5. It is amazing that I could feel the space of presence in which you wrote this post. You are truly being guided by spirit as I felt it when I read your words. That is a new experience…I love it. Keep up the great work.

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