Foggy Brain Blocking Your Brilliance?

Two pictures, same “view” but one is blocked with fog and the other is brilliant and clear.  Same location, same camera, same time of day – what’s different?  In one picture, the view is obscured – you can’t even imagine what is hiding behind that thick curtain of fog.  In the other, the amazing view is crystal clear.

Is there “inner fog” blocking your brilliance?  Could there be some hidden limiting beliefs holding you back?  Maybe you aren’t even aware of them.  Maybe you haven’t thought about them in years, but their fog still obscures your brilliance.

Maybe as a kid, you were told that you weren’t good enough in some way – not smart enough, not creative enough, not funny enough.  Were you told by a parent or teacher, “You’re no good with money,” “You’ll never amount to much” or “You better marry a rich man (or woman) to take care of you.”  Or maybe one of your schoolmates said, “You can’t do that! Who do you think you are?”

Or maybe past experiences still activate your inner meanie or inner saboteur?  These don’t even have to be terribly traumatic or dramatic memories like abuse or neglect.  They could be as simple as your wanting a bag of M&Ms at the checkout counter and your mother saying, “Put those back!” “We can’t afford it” or “You don’t deserve it, you’ve been bad!”  Maybe this incident was 20, 30 or 50 years ago, but the pain and “sting” are still there when you think about it.

Do you have an amazing gift that you would love to share with more people, but something stops you from sharing your gift in a bigger way?  Or maybe you are great at what you do and freely share your gift, but you’re not getting paid what your worth?  Do your free strategy sessions end in, “Not now, maybe later,” “I don’t have the money” or “My spouse won’t let me”?

What if you could clear the inner fog and reveal your inner brilliance?  What if your clients could see the amazing gifts you have to share?  What if they understood the value of what you provide and easily said, “Yes!  That’s for me!”


5 Responses to Foggy Brain Blocking Your Brilliance?

  1. mary botham says:

    Yes, that’s for ME! Great way to look at our beliefs obscuring our view and recognise that we may need some help in clearing out the fog.

  2. Wonderful illustration of what changing mindset looks like and fantastic images. Keep it up!

  3. Marina Rose says:

    Thanks for helping us see the importance of letting our brilliance shine!

  4. I love the pictures and how you relate this to us. Yes, I am always interested in clearing the fog to show the brilliance that is hiding there. Great article. Thanks!

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