How’s Your Inner Landscape?

Are your inner thoughts holding you back in your business? Success Mindset Expert, Cynthia Stott, helps entrepreneurs get their inner-game on-board for their greater success so they can get paid well for doing what they LOVE! Can you see your gifts clearly? Can your clients see them clearly and easily say “Yes!” to working withRead More

Step 2: Evaluate the “information” the Inner Meanie is giving.

Once you listen to your Inner Meanie and find out what they are really complaining about, it’s important to evaluate the information to determine if it is valid or not.  Because the voice of the Inner Meanie is usually harsh and accusatory, we tend to not want to listen and then we can miss theirRead More

Dealing with the Inner Meanie – Step 1

True confession: I am not a good poker player!  You have probably already guessed step one in the 5-part process to deal with Inner Meanies, Inner Critics, Doubters, etc.  Or maybe it was the picture that gave it away? Step 1: LISTEN.  Stay calm and really listen.  Hear what they have to say before dismissingRead More

Is your Inner Meanie bugging you?

Does she or he point the finger at you?  Do you want to send her on a vacation – or better yet – over a cliff? Are you tired of hearing him or her say, “Who do you think you are?” “You can’t do that!” or “It will never work!” No worries – there’s aRead More

Plagued by Procrastination?

You know you should get something done – call a potential client, create a “free gift” for an opt-in page or maybe even start your own blog.  But you find yourself checking email, surfing the web or engaged in reading a Facebook post by your friend’s, friend’s friend. No worries!  Help is on its way! Read More

Foggy Brain Blocking Your Brilliance?

Two pictures, same “view” but one is blocked with fog and the other is brilliant and clear.  Same location, same camera, same time of day – what’s different?  In one picture, the view is obscured – you can’t even imagine what is hiding behind that thick curtain of fog.  In the other, the amazing viewRead More

Extraordinary Experiences in Ordinary Places

I have been talking about the changes I experienced during and after my 3-days of silence.  Here’s how a simple dinner and a left turn changed my life in some very profound ways. I have lived no further than 3 miles from the same beach for all but 18 months of my life.  And yet,Read More

Transform the Mundane into the Extraordinary

Same Environment, Different Experience Often we have different experiences when we travel or go places we have never been.  New sites, sounds, tastes often awaken different parts of us.  This is why most “retreats” involve traveling to a new – and sometimes exotic – place. I have traveled to many retreats – from visiting theRead More

Inner Changes and Outer Results

In the previous post, I shared some of the inner work that I did during a silent “retreat” and hinted about some new opportunities that quickly followed. I released some of the inner “chatter” that I finally heard during my silence, and the next thing I knew, I was presented with new business opportunities –Read More

On the other side of “Silence”

Many of you have been asking about what I learned in my 3-days of silence and going “off the grid”.  Well, like most of life’s lessons, I learned what I didn’t expect to learn! I have done a number of silent retreats in the past – but they were all “lead” by a teacher orRead More