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What to Expect from the Generosity Code:
Learn new ways to be authentically generous to yourself, your clients and the world.
• Create win-win connections and outcomes.
• Discover connection-oriented sales offers that feel good to you and your clients.
• Make sales offers that have your clients running to the back of the room instead of out the door.
• Turn up your “receive-o-meter” and attract more wealth, abundance and  prosperity into your life.


The Generosity Code™ The Fundamentals

The Generosity Code™ Fundamentals: 10 Beliefs that will Change Your Life
Introductory 4-week teleseries working on your inner-game to help you achieve greater success.

The Generosity Code™ Eliminate Failure

The Generosity Code™ Eliminate Failure: What if you could no longer see failure? What if you believed your failures, missteps and mistakes only lead to your greatest success?

The Generosity Generosity Code™ Confidence Booster

Bust through your fears and into your Confidence. Get your inner-game on-board and make your next networking event a big success!

The Generosity Code™ Fundamentals Jumpstart Program

The Generosity Code™Fundamentals Jumpstart
6-week teleseries to get a jumpstart on your greater success with the inner work and business coaching in a group setting.

The Generosity Code™ Changing the Way We Do Business

The Generosity Code™ Changing the Way We Do Business
3-month program to transform your inner-game and awaken you to a whole new way of doing business.

How to Read a Client from Across the Room: Book Club with a “Twist”

Book Club with a “Twist”:  3-month program based on Brandy Mychals’ book How to Read a Client from Across the Room.  Get your inner-game on board and learn how to decode verbal and nonverbal communication to win more business.