About Cynthia

Cynthia Stott is an executive leadership coach, mindset and belief system expert, and the creator of The Generosity Code™ Changing the Way We Do Business. She has helped people create what they want since 2005.  She worked on top of billions of dollars for 18 years at the Federal Reserve Bank.  Her primary job was to tell bank CEO’s and board of directors what to do.  She combines this mile-high strategic business perspective with creative and intuitive skills to help her clients identify ways to get paid well for doing what they Love.The Generosity Code™ is a set of beliefs about being generous – that starts with you.  Cynthia believes generosity is not about “over-giving” that leads to burn-out, it’s about being authentically generous in a way that helps clients easily say “Yes!” to working with you.  She helps her clients create connection-oriented sales offers that feel good to them and their clients.Cynthia believes that you can get paid well for doing what you love and are most passionate about.  Passion sells! From her perspective, developing strategy to get paid well is the easy part.  Once you identify what you’re most passionate about doing – that thing that makes your heart sing – and have the beliefs that support your success, the business plan and strategy come naturally. She’s even helping one client make a business venture out of a dream trip to Machu Piccu.

What People Say About Cynthia
“Cynthia is an amazing coach and mentor.  She creates a secure and empowering environment.  She has amazing energy and an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in those she works with.”  Helena E., Biotech Industry

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